♆ spectra's chambers ♆

!!this website contains flashing images. please exercise caution.!!

this is spectra speaking. welcome to my totally online web diary!! it, and myself, have yearned to escape bleak digital territories and begun seeking asylum in the most creative, expressive way possible. i had little-to-no html knowledge (save for the small lessons i took in seventh grade) leading to this, so i've been slowly learning over time. if tumblr truly goes under, this will be my domain, full-time. this website is worked on a 1920 by 1080 laptop running firefox.

my current goal is for this to become a comprehensive archive for the diary i've kept for the last 5 years and counting. as well as simply creating a visually cool place on the internet. at a certain point, i plan to add my very own writing and even characters.

here is my button! take it easy♡

about webmistress spectra

good day to you. i am spectra, crown princess of this very cyberspace. i am someone striving for a supple amount of self-expression. a major reason on why i've started making a website is because there's something pure, honest, and cozy about the old internet that feels so welcoming. it's a strange kind of beauty. i'd describe myself as curious, creative, and very reserved. currently wishing and waiting for a brighter day. this is an online diary that's run by a girl who's been itching to create something to call her own. i'm rather particular and i'd consider myself to have high standards. i tend to lurk, so please don't mind me.